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Happy Glass2

Happy Glass 2 Basic Description: It's a game named after what most people call their 6pm drink on Friday evening, Happy Glass is about a wee glass who's tired of being empty, and dreams of being full. his simple but addictive game very popular. Only a couple days after releasing, Happy Glass 2 rule the top games rank in more than 29 countries, including Cina, Japan, Korea, UK, and the US. Meet our glass. He is normally a happy, jolly glass, but he is sad these days. There is only one thing that can cheer our glass up. He just needs a little bit of water. We can all relate to the dream of being full on the inside instead of being a hollowed out husk of emotion, and that's why I can't put Happy Glass down. The glass is empty and feeling unhappy about it! This container is only happy when it's filled to the brim! In Happy Glass, you mustn't let this fragile character sit with such sadness. water comes pouring down from the pipe, you must find a way to get the water into the glass and turn his frown upside down.Can you help the glass capture all the falling water? Try to make the glass happy in all three game modes. Master all modes in this fun online puzzle game where you must follow the game rules to complete each level. Either remove blocks to get the glass to the bottom without spilling, fill the cup up with water or flip the glass into the correct location. Try to complete all of the levels in this online version of the popular app Happy Glass. Players need to account for things like physics, gravity, and other factors in order to progress through the increasingly difficult and complex puzzles.Have you got the fast reflexes you’ll need to beat every level in this fun physics game? You’ll have to carefully remove the blocks beneath a glass of water or flip a few empty ones without breaking them. These are just two of the challenges that are waiting for you! Try to find the best way to complete each level. You can come up with your own solution so be creative and don't be afraid to think out of the box!Some levels might look easy but let's see if you can actually get the 3 stars.

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